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WELCOME! Around the globe, OR/MS investigators, scientists, educators, students and managers rely on INFORMS for information, education, resources, connections and tools. It is important that all individuals have ample access to INFORMS journals for the advancement of the practice, research, methods, applications and teaching of OR/MS.

So now we come to our request for your help. We've developed a process aimed at increasing the presence of INFORMS journals throughout institutions of higher education worldwide by encouraging INFORMS members to generate INFORMS journal recommendations. The project involves the following simple steps:

  1. Search for your institution by using the box above. Your search will bring you to a listing of all INFORMS journals currently subscribed to by your institution*.
  2. Click on "Send Recommendation" to recommend additional INFORMS journals to your library contact person (usually your head librarian). This will generate an email message for you to complete.

Feel free to invite your colleagues and/or students to participate in this effort. The more recommendations a librarian receives, the more likely she/he will order the subscription.

Thank you for your participation and continued support!

* If your organization does not currently subscribe to any journals, click here to send a recommendation.

Ordering information is available at